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We are closed:

Thursday 10th February until Thursday 17th February inclusive. 







Orders can be placed by telephone (01536 726361), email (info@corbykilns.co.uk) or through the website.  

Lots of our products are not on the website, so do please call if you have any queries

Thank you for your patience.


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5829-02 Kemper Mini sculpting set

Picture of 5829-02 Kemper Mini sculpting set
5829-02 Kemper Mini sculpting set

£16.76 (GBP)

C-T183 Sculpting tool

Picture of C-T183 Sculpting tool
C-T183 Sculpting tool, triangle

£4.20 (GBP)

C-T184 Sculpting tool

Picture of C-T184 Sculpting tool
C-T184 Sculpting tool, pear

£4.20 (GBP)

C-T185 Sculpting tool

Picture of C-T185 Sculpting tool
C-T185 Sculpting tool, loop

£4.20 (GBP)

Diamond Tools P1

Picture of Diamond Tools P1
Diamond Tools P1 Curved 'V' Tip carver

£46.08 (GBP)

Diamond Tools P11

Picture of Diamond Tools P11
Diamond Tools P11 carving tool

£48.00 (GBP)

Diamond Tools P12

Picture of Diamond Tools P12
Diamond Tools P12 carving tool

£57.60 (GBP)

Diamond Tools P17

Picture of Diamond Tools P17
Diamond Tools P17 carving tool

£57.60 (GBP)

Diamond Tools P18

Picture of Diamond Tools P18
Diamond Tools P18 carving tool

£57.60 (GBP)

Diamond Tools P19

Picture of Diamond Tools P19
Diamond Tools P19 carving tool

£57.60 (GBP)

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