S-P1 Diamond Core Tools Curved V Tip Carving Tool


An excellent, premium quality tool for carving, sgraffito and fluting. Multiple size and shaped blades available.

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Brilliant carving tools with a zebra wood handle and ultra sharp carving blade. Each blade is wider at the exit than the entrance so there is no clogging. The sharpness of the blade means you can carve faster and with less effort. Designed for precise, clean, straight or arced lines of controlled depth, on bone dry or leather hard clay. Carve clay in the “beak down” position and use the “beak up” position for sgraffito.


* Curved V tip blade with protective cap and polytube.
* Foam grips for comfort and reduced fatigue.
* Stainless steel blade with advanced Diamond Core technology which doesn’t dull and leaves little to no burrs or debris.
* Adjustable blade angle.
* 5.5″ long wooden handle.

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