Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-83 Tip Taupe 473ml


A versatile, brush-on glaze that can be the star of your work or play a supporting role to other glazes.

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Heavily pigmented colours with a broad firing range of 999 – 1280 degrees C. Perfect for the studio or classroom – what you see is what you get. Fires glossy eliminating the need for a clear glaze on top.

* Can be used on greenware as well as bisque, as long as an open area is left for outgassing during firing.

* Use for brush strokes or opaque coverage and create intricate, detailed designs that can butt up to one another without colours moving. Limit application to 2 coats.

* Use in the majolica process without the worry of moving or blending with the colours beneath.

* Intermix colours and create custom shades. The liquid colour is consistent with the fired colour, so you will have no trouble visualizing finished results.

* Thin colours with water to paint in a watercolour style and easily blend with seamless graduation.

* Layer with other glazes including Foundations, Jungle Gems, Elements and Elements Chunkies etc. for unique looks.

* Non toxic and food safe.

* Cone 6 performance noted on individual bottle labels.

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