Mayco Stoneware Matte SW-175 Rusted Iron 473ml


Brush-on stoneware glazes with consistent performance and intriguing visual interest. Four different ranges: Classic, Crystal, Gloss and Matte.

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Stoneware Matte glazes provide a variety of colours and performance characteristics. Some matte glazes have opaque solid coverage and others are semi-transparent and variegated. Application thickness is key to making Stoneware Matte glazes work for you. Mattes work well on a variety of clay bodies.

All are food safe with the exceptions of SW-187 Himalayan Salt, SW-186 Azurite, SW-195 Riptide, SW-164 Satin Patina, SW-185 Rainforest, SW-197 Fossil Rock, SW-188 Landslide and SW-182 Antique Brass.

Apply 1-3 coats, depending on how much you wish the clay body to show through, to soft-fired bisque (cone 04/06). Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Fire from cone 5/6-10. See label for additional firing information for individual glazes and cone 10 performance.

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