Mayco Stoneware Crystal SW-146 Aurora Green 473ml


Brush-on stoneware glazes with consistent performance and intriguing visual interest. Four different ranges: Classic, Crystal, Gloss and Matte.

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    Stoneware Crystal glazes are a unique line of glazes that contain colourful crystals that melt and bloom during the firing. These crystals add variation in colour, finish, and movement. Stoneware Crystal glazes begin with a base glaze from another Mayco Stoneware line. Information can be found about the base glaze of Stoneware Crystal glazes on the individual label. All Stoneware Crystal glazes are food safe.

    Apply 2-3 coats using a fan brush. Crystals will settle to the bottom of the jar and will need thorough mixing prior to initial use and in-between each coat.

    While the glaze is wet, use your brush or tweezers to redistribute crystals to achieve balanced coverage. Over application of the crystals can cause pin holing or running. Avoid having a heavy concentration of crystals near the bottom of your piece to avoid running off the piece on to your kiln shelves.

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