Mayco PC-601 Clear Cascade 118ml


Pottery Cascade are moving, flowing glazes, commonly used under or over other glazes to create reactions and movement.

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These are commonly used by low-fire designers who seek to simulate effects of higher fire glazes. Clear cascade will produce a flowing effect and allow the colour of the base glaze to show through, or alter the original colour, creating a new colour.

May be applied randomly or uniformly, brushed or dabbed on with a sponge. Apply as 1-2 coats over or under another glaze. Allow to dry thoroughly and fire to cone 05/06.

* You can influence the direction or pattern of flow in how you apply the glaze.

* To prevent the glaze from running off your vertical pieces do not apply Pottery Cascades to the bottom third of the piece.

* Non-toxic and food safe.

Chip shown over EL-118 Blue Grotto fired to cone 06.

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