Mayco Fundamentals UG-91 True Teal 473ml


Highly versatile, vivid, vibrant underglazes for complete coverage or in design. Can be applied to leather hard clay, greenware or cone 04 bisque.

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Apply 2-3 coats to leather hard clay, greenware, or cone 04 bisque for use in design or solid coverage. If the form you are painting has texture, dab excess colour out of the texture, and never allow the glaze to pool in the texture. To intensify colour or for use on dinnerware, apply a clear or matte clear glaze.

For use on clay or greenware, apply underglaze, allow to dry, and fire to cone 04. If desired, apply clear glaze and re-fire to cones 06-05 for earthenware and cone 5-10 for stoneware (998-1285 degrees C).

For use on bisque, apply to cone 04 bisque, apply clear glaze if desired and re-fire earthenware to cone 06/05 and cone 5-10 for stoneware.

Fundamentals have been formulated to mature at cone 06/05. However, most will maintain their colour at higher temperatures. Their performance at cone 6 is noted on each individual product label. We recommend testing on your clay body and in your kiln prior to use.

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