Mayco Foundations Opaque FN-035 Deep Red 118ml


Foundations are a great building block for any ceramic project. Easy to apply, consistent in firing performance and budget friendly.

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    Foundations offer a broad assortment of colours, opacities and textures for any ceramic project. Their consistency during application and firing makes Foundations the perfect staple glaze for any ceramic studio or classroom.

    Opaque colours produce a beautiful, smooth, high gloss finish and can be mixed together to create your own colours.

    Sheer colours are soft and translucent, allowing surface decoration and texture to show through.

    Matte colours produce a beautiful, soft and subdued matte finish. They will increase in glossiness if fired higher than cone 06.

    * Apply 2-3 coats, on cone 04 bisque, allowing the surface to dry in-between coats. For larger areas, it is recommended to apply the glaze with a broad, soft fan brush. Try to get the brush fully saturated and apply each coat in the same direction to minimize brush marks.

    * These glazes dry quickly, so you can fire the same day.

    * Can be used on greenware or leather hard clay, as long as you allow an open area for outgassing during the firing process to avoid pin holing.

    * Many Foundations can be fired to a higher temperature without loss of colour. Please check the individual jar labels for performance information at cone 6. Testing is recommended.

    * All are non-toxic and food safe.

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