Mayco Elements FN-218 Green Sapphire 118ml


Inspired by aspects of nature. Elements and Elements Chunkies produce lush, organic and earthy hues.

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    Designed to simulate the aesthetic, movement and interest of mid-range and high fire glazes in a cone 06/05 oxidation kiln firing. Elements and Elements Chunkies give a wide variety of options in one product – glaze application, firing temperature and the shape of the piece will all influence the outcome.

    Elements are a two-tone glaze with a main colour and a secondary colour called a float. When Elements are applied to detailed pieces, the float colour will appear in the crevices.

    * Apply 3-4 coats, allowing the ‘wet look’ to disappear in-between each coat. For larger areas, it is recommended to apply the glaze with a broad, soft fan brush. Try to get the brush fully saturated and apply each coat in the same direction to minimize brush marks.

    *As movement and flowing are characteristics of these glazes, taper off towards the bottom of the ware to prevent glazes running off the piece onto kiln shelves.

    * Be sure the glaze has dried thoroughly prior to firing. A medium ramp/firing rate is recommended.

    * Elements and Elements Chunkies can be fired at higher temperatures but will change in appearance. We recommend testing prior to use.

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