Diamond Core Tools Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc, 80 Grit


Great for removing glaze drips, smoothing warped pots, grinding chips and levelling kiln shelf props and furniture. Available in 40 or 50 grit for removing heavy materials and 80 grit for smoothing.

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300mm diameter Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc with peel-and-stick backing for attaching to a dedicated bat. Use on a pottery wheel for grinding capability. 40 and 50 grit are coarse – for initial removal of heavy material. 80 grit is medium coarse – for smoothing. For best results start with a 40 or 50 grit pad, then follow up with the 80 grit pad. Economical and controls dust by using with water.

Use all safety precautions:
Keep out of the reach of children
Always wear safety goggles
Carefully clean splash pans after use to remove all sharp debris, and ensure debris does not get into moist, useable clay
Always use with water to maximize tool life and control dust
Do not attempt to force grinding
Take care to avoid skin removal!

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