Potclays 2209 Leadless Transparent Stoneware, 2.5 kg


A reliable, leadless transparent low temperature glaze for general purpose use.

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    A zinc-free glossy transparent stoneware glaze, supplied in powder form.

    Please see our guide on the help page for further information.

    This Potclays Stoneware Glaze does not contain lead.

    The description and image generally refer to results in electric firings but all can be fired under reduction. They fire in the range 1220-1300°C with an optimum of 1260-1280°C except where otherwise indicated.

    Glaze preparation – sprinkle the powder into a suitable container of water, stir, then sieve through an 80’s lawn or finer. Leave to settle overnight and pour off surplus water.

    Stir, then if necessary add water to achieve the desired consistency. This depends upon the porosity of the biscuit ware, but normally will be around 18 – 25 oz of dry glaze per pint of water (800 – 1250 gm per litre).

    As a general rule of thumb for most powder glazes mixed for dipping/pouring to an average specific-gravity of 1.4 (1.4 times heavier than water for a set amount of liquid):- 100 g glaze powder makes around 154 ml liquid glaze.

    Transparent glazes must be applied thinly and fired/cooled on a fast schedule to avoid ‘milkiness’ and/or crazing in the fired result.

    All stoneware glazes are leadless and suitable for dinnerware, but for practical reasons we don’t recommend matt or special effect glazes are used on surfaces in direct contact with food or drink due to the possibility of staining and/or bacterial growth.

    Powdered glazes, once mixed with water are suitable for dipping, pouring or spraying.

    Weight 2.5 kg