U24ST muffle kiln with regulator

U24ST muffle kiln with regulator

£918.00 (GBP)

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U24ST Enamelling kiln

Max temp 1100°C
Chamber size 150mm x 180mm x 95mm
(6” x 7” x 3.75”)
Reaches 800°C in approximately 90 minutes
Weight 18 kg
13 amp

Please allow about four weeks for delivery

For enamelling you need a working temperature of 700- 820°C. This kiln incorporates an energy regulator which controls the amount of electricity input to the kiln (as a simmerstat on an electric cooker). This avoids overfiring . If you wish to know what the temperature inside the kiln is, for full control, we would suggest purchasing the digital thermometer and probe. The probe is simply inserted into the kiln, and plugged into the top of the thermometer. Please see the item for full description.