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ST222 controller, type R thermocouple and plug

ST222, type R thermocouple and plug

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ST222 9-programme digital controller for 13 amp plug-in kilns

New controller, especially designed for 13 amp ceramics kilns.  Supplied with a 152 mm long type R thermocouple and compensating cable.  This controller will store up to 9 programmes, each with 9 segments each consisting of a controlled heating or cooling ramp and a soak period.  This allows for complex glaze or glass firing.  Programmes can be altered or reviewed during firing, and there is a delay start facility of up to 4 days.

The controller is fitted with a UK fused 13 amp moulded plug with 2 metres of lead and a 13 amp socket.  Your kiln simply plugs into the socket on the controller.  The thermcouple is then inserted into the kiln through a bung hole.

If your kiln has a kiln sitter, we do recommend that you insert a high firing min-bar, and this will act as a 'policeman'.

Using this controller will upgrade your 13 amp kiln without the need for wiring in a controller and  a call out charge.

Please allow 3 -  5 working days for delivery