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Potclays 1151-120 Buff (grey clay) - Firing range °C 1100-1290

Buff (grey) school clay

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Firing range °C
Man code

General domestic ware
General purpose use for throwing, slabbing, coiling etc

Potclays 151-1120 Buff (grey clay)
Outstanding and extremely well behaved general purpose clay based on fireclays, ball clay and china clay blend. Good dual purpose earthenware or stoneware use. Very popular with stoneware potters as a production stoneware body under oxidation or reduction and popular in schools due to its tolerance. Smooth texture. Medium shrinkage. Fine speckle under reduction.

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Manufacturing Code:
P = finished by Panmilling technique, giving excellent, reliable control of grog and water contents, but more open to occasional contamination from larger or extraneous particles arising in the ingredients or during processing. Generally produces better moisture control in grogged bodies.
S = Sliphoused bodies, prepared in very large batches in slip form, which is finely sieved prior or after grog addition. The purified slip is then pumped into presses for dewatering prior to pugging. Gives greater product uniformity and virtually guarantees freedom from contamination. However it is more difficult to control grog contents, due to settling from suspension, and moisture content. The best technique for smooth textured bodies.

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