Fuego top loading 13 amp kiln

Fuego top loading 13 amp kiln

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Fuego top loading 13 amp kiln


From L&L Kilns, made in the USA. Three year limited warranty, elements and thermocouples excepted.

Chamber size 330mm diameter x 457mm high
External size 559mm wide x 686mm deep x 787mm high
Weight 63 kg. Capacity 40 litres.
230 V. 13 amp domestic socket. Maximum temperature 1290 C. Controller has four programmes which are supplied pre-set for most popular programmes, but are easily adjustable. Each programme has eight segments. Electrical lid safety switch. Protected elements and bricks. Sectional construction, so very easy to assemble and move, can be assembled in about 30 minutes.  Fitted with heavy duty elements which are inexpensive to replace; industrial-grade element terminals and ceramic element holders.  The type K thermocouple is protected inside a tube, and is also inexpensive to replace.  Built of corrosive resistant materials and energy saving 3" insulating brick with fibre. The base can be reversed in case of an 'accident'.  The Fuego has been designed to be easy to use and EASY TO MAINTAIN.

Please note - although the kiln has been designed to run from a 13 amp socket, it may be that older wiring, a long length of cable and a fast ramp at the end of a firing can lead to the plug getting hot.  If it becomes a concern we advise having a 16 amp socket fitted and change the plug on the kiln accordingly.  NEVER run this kiln from an extension lead.


Our price includes a set of kiln furniture and VAT.

Kiln normally available within 7 working days, please call to check latest availability.

Price is for the Fuego 13 amp kiln, with a set of kiln furniture, the 4-programme digital controller, and VAT.

 The ideal kiln for the hobby potter and professional alike.

Do you need clays, glazes or tools?  Why not include all your materials in your order and save on delivery costs?  Please ask for details - you can email or phone with your requirements.