Amaco PC-59 Deep Firebrick

Amaco PC-59 Deep Firebrick

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Amaco Potters Choice PC-59 Deep Firebrick, 472 ml

Amaco Potters Choice brush on glazes add stunning fluid colours and effects to smooth and textured surfaces, with optimal results at cone 5/6.

Reduction effects in oxidation

Samples are shown fired on buff stoneware clay, in an electric kiln.

Cone 5/6

Try layering with other Celadon glazes and Potters Choice glazes.

See for more combinations

Use a soft fan or hake brush to apply.  Three coats generally - see product label for specific instructions.

Non-toxic and food safe

Second photo shows Deep Firebrick with PC-20 Blue Rutile around the tops33 of the pots

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