Mayco SW-401 Light flux, 473 ml

Mayco SW-401 Light Flux brush on glaze, 473 ml

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Mayco SW-401 Light flux, 473 ml

Mayco Flux is a flowing glaze intended for use with other stoneware glazes.  Apply one - tree coats over or under uniformly brushed or randomly dabble on with a sponge.  Designed to fire to cone 5/6, it can be fired to cone 9/10 in oxidation or reduction firings. 

Variables that can influence movement include the fluidity of the companion glaze, application methods, thickness and orientation of application, the number of coats, firing temperature and the kiln programme.  To prevent glaze run-off avoid placing Flux to the bottom third of your ware. 

Caution - Light flux contains zinc, therefore may be harmful if swallowed.