Mayco SW-176 Sandstone

Mayco SW-176 Sandstone brush on glaze, 473 ml

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Mayco SW-176 Sandstone, 473 ml

A stoneware crystal glaze.  The crystals are designed to burst into colour during the firing.  They may settle to the bottom of the jar during storage and will need thorough mixing before brushing into your piece, and inbetween each coat too.  Apply 2 - 3 coats (or as recommended on the label), allowing each coat to dry before the next coat.  Best to use a soft fan or hake brush.  Apply to the top two thirds of your piece.  During the last coat, use your brush to distribute the crystals over the top two thirds and away from the bottom.

Dry and fire to cone 5 - 6.  See for cone 10 results.
Can also be used in combination with other Mayco glazes for different effects.  Always test in your kiln on your chosen clay body.

Non-toxic but not food safe due to the surface characteristics.

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