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Rohde HMT500 Potters wheel with seat

Rohde HMT500 Potters wheel with seat

£1,656.00 (GBP)

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Rohde HMT500 Potters wheel with seat

A high performance wheel, designed for everyday use in the workshop.  Combines modern control and drive technology with excellent ergonomics.  The seat is infinitely adjustable, providing for comfort.  The wheel is available with or without the seat.  The leg height is adjustable. Features:

 Aluminium wheelhead, 340 mm diameter.   Wheelhead equipped with device for quick change MDF wooden batts.  Quiet and powerful high-torque drive, foot pedal for flexible and individual speed adjustment.  Clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. 0 – 250 rpm Working height adjustable from 550 mm to 690 mm

o       Seat adjustable in height, inclination and distance to wheel

       Large splash pan, easy to remove, and with lockable drain outlet and plug


Dimensions -  530 mm wide x 1200 mm deep x 550 mm high

Weight – 46 kg



Three year warranty