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Orders can be placed by telephone (01536 726361 or 07766 251 871), email (info@corbykilns.co.uk) or through the website.  

Lots of our products are not on the website, so do please call if you have any queries

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C-T1000 Beginner's Pottery tool kit

Picture of C-T1000 Beginner's Pottery tool kit
C-T1000 Pottery tool kit

£10.74 (GBP)

C-T68 Bevel Cutter

Picture of C-T68 Bevel Cutter
C-T68 Bevel Cutter

£3.90 (GBP)

C-T71 Mini bow harp

Picture of C-T71 Mini bow harp
C-T71 Mini bow harp

£3.72 (GBP)

Mud Wire Heavy Duty

Picture of Mud Wire Heavy Duty
Heavy duty Mud Wire

£7.52 (GBP)

Mud Wire Standard

Picture of Mud Wire Standard
Mud Wire Standard

£6.76 (GBP)

Mud Wire, Curly

Picture of Mud Wire, Curly
Mud Wire,Curly

£7.52 (GBP)

p7639 455 mm Nylon clay cutter

Picture of p7639 455 mm Nylon clay cutter
P7639 Clay cutter

£2.75 (GBP)

PC-5816-01 Twisted clay cutter

Picture of PC-5816-01 Twisted clay cutter
PC-581-01 Twisted clay cutter

£2.66 (GBP)

PC-5819-475 Harp

Picture of PC-5819-475 Harp
PC-5819-475 Harp

£25.51 (GBP)

T70 18" clay cutter

Picture of T70 18" clay cutter
T70 18" clay cutter

£2.22 (GBP)

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