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Underglaze Pencils

Hobbyceram underglaze pencils.  For fine line drawing, script, shading, etc.  Use on biscuitware.  Ideal for permanent marking of trials.  For low earthenware temperature, but the black and blue may be fired up to low stoneware.


After applying the underglaze pencil, dust lightly with a soft brush to remove excess particles.  Lightly sponge on a first coat of transparent glaze, then when this is dry brush on another coat.

Please use a knife or blade to sharpen the pencils.

We are very grateful to Corinne Eagling for her beautiful feather drawings, which show perfectly how the pencils can be used to draw outlines and whole pictures on clay.  Corinne will have a new website soon, details to follow


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601 Brown underglaze pencil

Picture of 601 Brown underglaze pencil
601 Brown

£6.96 (GBP)

603 Green underglaze pencil

Picture of 603 Green underglaze pencil
603 Green

£6.96 (GBP)

604 Blue underglaze pencil

Picture of 604 Blue underglaze pencil
604 Blue

£6.96 (GBP)

605 Yellow underglaze pencil

Picture of 605 Yellow underglaze pencil
605 Yellow

£6.96 (GBP)

606 Black underglaze pencil

Picture of 606 Black underglaze pencil
606 Black

£6.96 (GBP)

608 Light brown underglaze pencil

Picture of 608 Light brown underglaze pencil
608 Light brown

£6.96 (GBP)

609 Turquoise underglaze pencil

Picture of 609 Turquoise underglaze pencil
609 Turquoise

£6.96 (GBP)

610 Olive green underglaze pencil

Picture of 610 Olive green underglaze pencil
610 Olive green

£6.96 (GBP)

611 Peacock Blue underglaze pencil

Picture of 611 Peacock Blue underglaze pencil
611 Peacock Blue

£6.96 (GBP)

612 Violet underglaze pencil

Picture of 612 Violet underglaze pencil
612 Violet

£6.96 (GBP)

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