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No, not for playing in the mud with - these are colourful clay tools - easy to spot when clearing up - never lose a rib or clay cutter again! 

Mud Rib - made from a flexible material that will not crack or develop burrs.  The more you use them, the better they will get.  Available in various shapes, in four degrees of hardness - from very soft to very firm. 


Red - very soft - for compressing slabs, burnishing rims, chamois and handbuilding. 


Yellow - soft flex - for smoothing, burnishing, porcelain, throwing and handbuilding. 


Green - medium flex - for compressing bottoms (!), brnishing, rim marks, throwing and handbuilding. 


Blue - firm flex - still flexible but stiffer.  For high burnish and throwing large works.

Mud Wire - for cutting your clay, ergonomically designed and easy to use.

Mud Shark - a needle tool and fettling knife in one unit.  The needle folds and locks out of the way so you won't impale yourself when you reach into your tool box.

Mud Sponge - in three grades - once you use these sponges you will be hooked!

There are also various tools to aid with trimming.  See each product for its own description.

These tools are lovely to use - why not given them a try? 


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Mud Wire Standard

Picture of Mud Wire Standard
Mud Wire Standard

£6.76 (GBP)

Mud Wire, Curly

Picture of Mud Wire, Curly
Mud Wire,Curly

£7.52 (GBP)

PC-5813 Mud Shark

Picture of PC-5813 Mud Shark
PC-5813 Mud Shark

£6.54 (GBP)

S Mud-Baby Bump

Picture of S Mud-Baby Bump
S Mud-Baby Bump Tool

£17.04 (GBP)

S Mud-Bump

Picture of S Mud-Bump
S Mud-Bump Tool

£22.01 (GBP)

S Mud-FIN sponge

Picture of S Mud-FIN sponge
S Mud-FIN Finishing Sponge

£6.38 (GBP)

S Mud-ORA sponge

Picture of S Mud-ORA sponge
S Mud-ORA absorbent Sponge

£4.85 (GBP)

S Mud-WH sponge

Picture of S Mud-WH sponge
S Mud-WH Workhorse Sponge

£4.85 (GBP)

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