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Soyer Enamels - new colours now in stock!

We are pleased to be now able to offer these fabulous colours.  They are manufactured in France to a very high standard, and may be used on copper, silver and gold.  The transparent enamels are finely ground and very clear, even when unwashed.  Greater depth of colour may be obtained on copper if fired over a base coat of flux.  These enamels are not enitrely leadfree, and do contain some ingredients, which in some circumstances, may be considered toxic.  However, these materials are thoroughly combined in the enamels, so any risk is considerably reduced, if not elimated.  The amount of lead in these enamels is so small as to be almost non-existent.  However, reasonable care should always be taken, with any enamels.  In particular -

  • Do not introduce enamels or colours to the mouth.
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink whilst using them.
  • Handle carefully, in small quantities, and store in closed containers.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • Opaque red, yellow and orange enamels contain cadmium and should be handled with care.
  • Colours shown are approximate, and shown fired onto coppper.

Soyer will be transferring production of their enamels to lead free in the future, but at the moment our stocks are all leaded enamels

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634 (38) Orange Transparent

Picture of 634 (38) Orange Transparent
634 (38) Orange

£6.00 (GBP)

635 Coral opaque enamel, 25 g

Picture of 635 Coral opaque enamel, 25 g
Soyer 635 Coral opaque enamel

£5.00 (GBP)

637 (1943) Carnation Pink transparent enamel

Picture of 637 (1943) Carnation Pink transparent enamel
Soyer 637 (1943) Carnation pink transparent, 25 g

£6.00 (GBP)

639 (33) Pale Mauve

Picture of 639 (33) Pale Mauve
639 (33) Pale Mauve

£6.00 (GBP)

640 Deep Mauve Transparent

Picture of 640 Deep Mauve Transparent
640 Deep Mauve

£6.00 (GBP)

645 Ruby Red Transparent

Picture of 645 Ruby Red Transparent
645 Ruby Red

£6.00 (GBP)

701 White Opaque

Picture of 701 White Opaque
701 White

£6.00 (GBP)

706 Spring Yellow Opaque

Picture of 706 Spring Yellow Opaque
706 Spring Yellow

£6.00 (GBP)

709 Tangerine Opaque enamel

Picture of 709 Tangerine Opaque enamel
709 Tangerine

£6.00 (GBP)

71 Light Grey opaque

Picture of 71 Light Grey opaque
Soyer 71 Light grey opaque

£6.00 (GBP)

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