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Brush on glazes by MAYCO COLORS.

We stock much of the Mayco range in our shop - please ask for details about the colours that are not listed on our website.  Our stock changes daily, we have:


FOUNDATIONS -  opaque, sheer, glossy and matte colours ideal for all over coverage or design techniques.  Stable glazes that do not move.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

STROKE & COATS - heavily pigmented colours, for all users.  Glossy even without a clear glaze on top, can be applied to greenware and bisque.  59 ml and 473 ml jars

JUNGLE GEMS and CRYSTALITES - crystals bloom in the kiln for beautiful effects.  Fire at 1000°C, or fire higher for more interesting effects.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

ELEMENTS and ELEMENTS CHUNKIES - more earthy tones, inspired by nature.  Surfaces vary from glossy to matte, with subtle variations in tone.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

CASCADES - moving, flowing glazes, can be used under or over other glazes.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

CLASSIC CRACKLES - low fire crackle glazes in four shades.  Wipe with an acrylic paint or ink after firing to accentuate the crackles.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

COBBLESTONE - heavily textured glaze resulting in a shattered appearance of raised, irregular chips.  Can be used with colours for added impact.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

DESIGNER LINER - richly pigmented colours supplied in a handy tube with a metal tip so you can achieve very thin lines for designs and writing.  Can also be used with a brush to simulate a watercolour or wash effect.  Cover with clear glaze for extra depth of colour.  59 ml tubes

SNOWFALL - a white, textured glaze, looks like snow.  118 ml and 473 ml jars

FUNDAMENTALS UNDERGLAZE - a wide range of colours that can be fired up to cone 10, and applied directly to greenware or onto bisque.  Naturally fires to a matte finish, or cover with clear glaze for a deeper colour and a gloss finish.  59 ml and 473 ml jars

STONEWARE GLAZES - a huge range of stoneware glazes in gloss, matte, satin finishes, opaque and translucent, crystal colours too.  Also glossy and matte clear, and matte crackle.  Can be combined to produce unique effects.  Some available as dry powder glazes.  473 ml jars.  Stoneware washes in 118 ml jars to imitate oxides, can be used alone or with other glazes.

RAKU -  metallic lustres and crackle patterns for raku firing.  Result will vary according to application and firing methods.  473 ml jars

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Mayco FN-007 Green

Picture of Mayco FN-007 Green
Mayco FN-007 Green brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-008 Brown

Picture of Mayco FN-008 Brown
Mayco FN-008 Brown brush on glaze, 473ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-009 Black

Picture of Mayco FN-009 Black
Mayco FN-009 Black brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-011 Light Blue

Picture of Mayco FN-011 Light Blue
Mayco FN-011 Light Blue brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-014 Antique White

Picture of Mayco FN-014 Antique White
Mayco FN-014 Antique White brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-018 Bright Blue

Picture of Mayco FN-018 Bright Blue
Mayco FN-018 Bright Blue brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-020 Medium Green

Picture of Mayco FN-020 Medium Green
Mayco FN-020 Medium Green brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco FN-021 Olive Green

Picture of Mayco FN-021 Olive Green
Mayco FN-021 Olive Green brush on glaze, 473 ml

£15.60 (GBP)

Mayco PC-601 Clear Cascade

Picture of Mayco PC-601 Clear Cascade
Mayco PC-601 Clear Cascade brush on glaze, 118 ml

£6.65 (GBP)

Mayco PC-602 White Cascade

Picture of Mayco PC-602 White Cascade
Mayco PC-602 White Cascade brush on glaze, 118 ml

£7.62 (GBP)

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