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We have a wide variety of copper shapes, and items such as pill boxes and bowls. Let your imagination run riot with the decoration media. Pill boxes in particular lend themselves to the use of transfers. Bowls can be enamelled spectacularly with transparent or opaque designs. The shapes can be made into stunning jewellery when combined with beads, strung onto leather thongs, or simply hung from gold or silver chains.
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CB10 Hand

Picture of CB10 Hand
CB10 Flat hand

£1.14 (GBP)

CB13 Dragonfly

Picture of CB13 Dragonfly
CB13 Flat dragonfly

£1.88 (GBP)

CB14 Bird

Picture of CB14 Bird
CB14 Flat bird

£1.31 (GBP)

CB17 Drop, square, lugged

Picture of CB17 Drop, square, lugged
CB17 Drop square, lugged.

£0.94 (GBP)

CB2202 Monkey

Picture of CB2202 Monkey
CB2202 Monkey

£0.64 (GBP)

CB229 Cherries, pierced

Picture of CB229 Cherries, pierced
CB229 Cherries, pierced

£0.60 (GBP)

CB22L Large seahorse

Picture of CB22L Large seahorse
CB22L Large seahorse

£1.61 (GBP)

CB24 Tree

Picture of CB24 Tree
CB24 Flat tree

£0.76 (GBP)

CB25 Foot

Picture of CB25 Foot
CB25 Flat foot

£0.92 (GBP)

CB27 Flat square, small

Picture of CB27 Flat square, small
CB27 Flat square, small

£0.74 (GBP)

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